An evening with author Alexandra Horowitz
"Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know"



Alexandra HorowitzJoin the Michigan Humane Society and the Animals & Society Institute for an evening with author Alexandra Horowitz as she discusses her most recently-published book “Inside of a Dog:  What Dogs See, Smell and Know”at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at the Shriners Silver Garden, located at 24350 Southfield Road, Southfield, Michigan.

"Inside of a Dog is a most welcomed authoritative, personal, and witty book about what it is like to be a dog. Alexandra Horowitz has spent a lot of time studying our best friends and shares her knowledge in a readable volume that also serves as a corrective to the many myths that circulate about just who our canine companions are. I hope this book enjoys the wide readership it deserves."
—Marc Bekoff, author of “The Emotional Lives of Animals” and “Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals” (with Jessica Pierce)

“Discover why your dog is so sensitive to your emotions, gaze, and body language. Dogs live in a world of ever changing intricate detail of smell. Read this captivating book and enter the sensory world of your dog.”
—Temple Grandin, author of “Animals in Translation” and “Animals Make us Human”

In Inside of a Dog, Dr. Horowitz evokes the dog's perspective by interweaving the science of dog cognition and perception with personal reflections on her own dog's behavior.  This book gives anyone who lives with, deals with, or admires dogs a new understanding of their sensory abilities, a nuanced interpretation of their behavior, and an appreciation of their minds.

Dr. Horowitz teaches psychology at Barnard College, Columbia University.  She earned her PhD in Cognitive Science at the University of California at San Diego, and has studied the cognition of humans, rhinoceros, bonobos, and dogs.  She lives in New York City with her husband, young son, and Finnegan, “a dog of indeterminate parentage and determinate character.”

Tickets for this event are $20 and can be obtained by contacting the Michigan Humane Society at (248) 283-1000, ext. 100 or the Animals & Society Institute at (734) 677-9240.

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2012
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
24350 Southfield Road
Southfield, MI 48075
United States

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