Help Make Cage Covers for Animals in Our Care

Help Make Cage Covers for Animals in Our Care
Using Fabric Cage Covers Helps Alleviate Stress and Minimize Illness For The Some of the Dogs and Kitties In Our Care

If you have sewing skills, we need your help!  Using fabric cage covers helps alleviate stress and minimize illness for some of the dogs and kitties in our care.  They also add a decorative and home-like touch.

Cage Cover 


Fabric in neutral colors
½ inch wide elastic


Cat Cages: 
21” x 21”
21" x 27"
33” x  27”

Dog Cages: 
20” x 26”
32” x 32”


  1. Pre-shrink fabric by washing before cutting.
  2. Cut 1 piece of fabric the size of the cage  plus 1 inch all around.
  3. Turn edges under ½ inch and press with an iron.
  4. Turn edges under ½ inch again and stitch.
  5. Cage Covers Elastic Hooks
    6. Cage Covers: Elastic Hooks
    Cut 4 pieces of ½ inch wide elastic each 5 ¾ inches long.
  6. Stitch elastic to back side of cover on all 4 corners – diagonally across corner (see image).
  7. Mark the size of the cover on the back with a permanent marker.

Deliver your cage covers during adoption center hours, Mon.-Sat.  Click here for locations and hours.


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