Happy Holidays From the Michigan Humane Society!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays From the Michigan Humane Society!
Our Warmest Wishes to You and Yours

Because of generous supporters like you, many more animals will be warm and happy, spending this holiday season with loving families.

Your kindness also allows the MHS Cruelty Investigation and Rescue team to be out on the streets, helping to protect cold, lonely and helpless animals. No matter the weather, our “Animal Cops” are bringing warmth, comfort, and hope to animals in desperate need, and investigating more than 5,000 cases of cruelty and neglect each year.

You allow MHS to shelter, care for, spay/neuter and vaccinate thousands of animals each year, and then find them good homes.

Your kindness helps us treat illnesses, heal broken bones, and fight disease in animals who come to us with more challenging needs, so they too can be healthy and happy.

Every day, the lives of animals in need are transformed at MHS through your support and compassion. Our warmest wishes, and grateful thanks.

Happy Holidays!
Cal Morgan
Cal Morgan
President & CEO
Michigan Humane Society


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