Found Dog In Sanford Michigan!

Have a sweet little dog that is missing his family!!

I took in a dog for a friend that could no longer keep him.He was found on fRANCIS RD SANFORD MICHIGAN! He looks to be maybe part boxer part Chihuahua. He is a very sweet dog but has been crying a lot. Looking to find this little guys owners. He will remain with us until we find the owner. We are owners of 4 Chihuahua's so he is not alone although he loves to be outside my yard is fenced in he has been seen digging at the fence line. My biggest fear is he digs his way out and runs and maybe having one of mine run too. I would be heartbroken if I lost one of my dogs and I would hope the person that found one of them would help them to be returned just as im doing here. I do hope we can return this sweet thing to his family.


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