House Bills 4534, 4535
Logan's Law
Bills Would Create Registry of Convicted Animal Abusers


MHS strongly supports an animal cruelty register look-up that will protect the companion animals of this state. The spirit of this need which is to eliminate the chance for individuals convicted of animal cruelty to acquire new pets is represented in the proposed Logan’s Law. Yet, we have a great opportunity to further strengthen the proposed law and protect many more of Michigan’s animals. Unfortunately, as the law is currently written, it would only apply to animals adopted from state registered shelters.  Animals acquired through pet stores, breeders, the internet, small, unregistered rescues and any other source would not be subject to this law! While the percentage of animals acquired through adoption continues to rise, thankfully, only 25% of newly acquired pets come via adoption. Therefore, 75% of our companion animals would NOT be protected by this bill!

Furthermore, while an online lookup would be viable for MHS and many other shelters, there are other small, rural shelters who do not have this capability. We must find other alternatives in addition to the online look-up that would allow all shelters to participate. We must maximize the reach and impact of this law. MHS’ goal is to protect ALL of Michigan’s companion animals and were are hopeful that amendments to Logan’s Law could make it a landmark piece of legislation in protecting Michigan’s animals!


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