Claire and Daisy

Inseparable Cat And Dog Looking For A Good Home
The pair came in together after their owner could no longer care for them

A cat and dog, Claire and Daisy, who were surrendered to the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) after their owner could no longer take care of them, are looking to find a home together after it was discovered the two were inseparable. 

When Claire and Daisy first arrived at the MHS Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care, they were placed in separate rooms for dogs and cats, as is standard protocol.

Both animals were having a tough time adjusting to the shelter environment on their own.

In an effort to ease their stress and liven their spirits an MHS employee decided to see what would happen if they lived in the same space.

The turnaround was almost instantaneous and Claire and Daisy immediately nestled up to each other.

The pair is currently in a foster home recovering from upper respiratory infections. MHS is hopeful they will be available for adoption soon and that they will be adopted together so they can continue their lifelong friendship.

Your donation to the Michigan Humane Society supports the care of animals like Claire and Daisy.



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