Kristen Bell stars in the title role of the CW television network series Veronica Mars, in which she plays a smart, fearless private investigator dedicated to solving her town’s toughest mysteries. The show is in its third season and Bell continues to be hailed as one of the brightest stars on television.

Most recently, Bell starred in the sci-fi thriller Pulse. Previous films include the David Mamet thriller Spartan and the independent feature Fifty Pills. She soon will

Kristen Bell

be seen in Fanboys, a comedic drama about Star Wars fans who try to infiltrate George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch.

Bell starred in 2004’s camp musical Reefer Madness on Showtime, and had a recurring role in the HBO series Deadwood. Her television credits include lead roles in Gracie’s Choice and The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay, plus guest-starring roles on the series American Dreams, The Shield and Everwood.

On stage, Bell appeared in the Los Angeles Opera’s all-star production of the Stephen Sondheim musical A Little Night Music, and starred in the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

Originally from Huntington Woods, Bell attended Royal Oak’s Shrine Catholic High School and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Los Angeles.

Q: You adopted Sadie, a dog rescued from Hurricane Katrina. Please tell us about her.
I was doing volunteer work in 2005 at the Helen Woodward Center (a California animal center) during a Halloween benefit, and they had just brought in 200 rescued dogs from Hurricane Katrina. Sadie had such a sweet disposition, although she was clearly a special needs dog - I go for special needs dogs.

She was 11 at the time and was missing most of her teeth. She also needed ear surgery, which was performed before she was put up for adoption. Her right ear opening had to be closed, and the doctors rerouted her ear canal into the right side of her neck. Now she hears through her neck! Even though she was an older dog, the center did this; there was no discrimination due to her age. Sadie’s extremely affectionate. She just needed a place to hang her hat.

Q: Do you have any other companion animals in your household?
A: I have two other rescued dogs, both Corgi mixes, Lola and Shakes.

Q: As a part-time private investigator in the hit drama on the CW Veronica Mars, your character has the reputation of solving mysteries and being able to fix the unfixable. Is there a little bit of Veronica in Kristen?
Yes, and vice versa. We’re both fighters. My eye always goes to the underdog, as does Veronica’s.

Q: Do you feel a social responsibility to help save people or, in this case, animals?
I absolutely feel that I have a social responsibility to help when I can. God gave us two hands for a reason. And it’s so rewarding when I come home to my three dogs. Knowing you did a good thing by adopting or fostering an animal or encouraging someone else to adopt or foster is the reward. Seeing a dog get a good home is the best part.

Q: Has an animal ever changed or saved your life?
Every single animal I’ve had has changed my life in some way. Each animal has made my life richer.

Q: If your dogs were characters on Veronica Mars, who would they be?
Lola would be Veronica’s best friend, since she’s very nurturing. Shakes would be the bad guy because he’s mischievous, and Sadie “Old Lady” would be the grandma.

Q: Please tell us why you support the Michigan Humane Society.
When I lived in Michigan, I used to foster animals from MHS. I still support them because they do so many wonderful things with their time and efforts. They’ve spearheaded so many adoptions and protections for animals. They’re a wonderful organization.


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