Pet Microchipping
Your Lost Pet's Ticket Home

Each year, the Michigan Humane Society shelters and cares for approximately 15,000 stray animals. Tragically, only a small percentage of lost dogs (16%) and cats (3%) are ever reunited with their guardians. Why? Because the majority of these animals lack any form of identification. This scenario is common to animal shelters nationwide, totalling millions of unclaimed animals filling shelters and rescues, and millions of worried families who miss their pets. While estimates are that about one third of pets will get lost at some point in their lives, the good news is that losing a pet forever is largely preventable!

Be sure that your dog or cat always wears a non-choke type collar,  a current identification tag and a license from your municipality. (By state law, dogs ages 4 months and older must be licensed, which requires that their Rabies vaccination be up-to-date. Some areas also require cats to be licensed. Check with your city or township clerk's office for licensing details).

In conjunction with visible identification tags affixed to a dog or cat's collar, the Michigan Humane Society recommends microchipping - a permanent, effective and unalterable form of identification.

Microchipping is not a replacement for tags, which are your pet's first line of defense. However, since ID tags and collars can fall off - or be taken off - the modest cost of having your pet microchipped is well worth the peace of mind.

To help save lives, MHS now provides microchipping at no cost with all cat and kitten adoptions.  In addition, MHS offers a microchipping discount at the time of adopting a dog or puppy from MHS.

Want to protect your current pets?  Call one of the Michigan Humane Society veterinary centers for an appointment to have your pet microchipped. It could prevent an enormous amount of heartbreak if your pet ever does get lost.

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