Greeting New People

Saying Hi

Our companion animals are experts at telling us when they like new people and when they’re “not so sure.”  It is important for us to always listen to our pets and acknowledge how they’re feeling.  For example, a friend pays you a visit and your puppy stands back, not too sure of the visitor.  Instruct your guest to simply ignore your dog.  If your dog wants to approach, she will.  If she doesn’t want to approach, or does some barking at the guest, consider contacting a qualified behavior consultant who specializes in humane, dog-friendly training methods. 

The very best way to help our companion animals feel comfortable around new people is to let them approach at their own pace - NEVER force them - and to make certain wonderful things happen to your pet whenever the new people are around. A behavior consultant can help you create a behavior modification program that will meet you (and your dog’s) needs.


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