Need SomeBunny to Love?

MHS Rabbit Adoption Events

Need SomeBunny to Love?
Michigan Humane Society Hosting Rabbit Adoption Events to Create Great Matches Between Families and Rabbit Companions

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They’re fun, sociable, affectionate and ready to “hop” into your heart forever. Though rabbits make great family companions (and can even be litter-trained!), they are often overlooked for other companion animals such as cats and dogs. To promote the great qualities of these clean, intelligent furry friends, and to facilitate the responsible adoption of rabbits as lifelong companions, the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) is hosting special rabbit adoption events in the coming months at locations throughout metro Detroit.

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MHS adoption counselors and rabbit experts will be on-hand at the events to help create great matches between families and the bunnies available for adoption. Detailed information about rabbit care will also be available for adopters to research the daily needs of their new companions. MHS rabbit adoption fees are $30, and include the sterilization of rabbits ages six months and older, a medical exam, and behavior assessment.

“Bunnies can be wonderful companions, and we look forward to promoting this at our adoption events,” said Linda Reider, MHS director of animal welfare. “The events will be a fun experience where families can socialize with several available bunnies and select one whose unique personality will best fit their lifestyle. Our focus is truly on supporting adopters and helping them find a great new addition to their family.

“A common misconception about rabbits is that they should be in a cage all their lives,” added Reider. “Actually, rabbits thrive when they have daily supervised time with their guardians outside of their cages.  Many people are also surprised to learn that they can be litter trained with a little effort.”

Families interested in adopting a rabbit can also “meet” adoptable bunnies and access information about rabbit care online at


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