Louisa's Story

Louisa's Story

Louisa's Story
Alone and in Pain, Chained to a Tree with Her Collar Embedded in Her Neck


The Michigan Humane Society’s Cruelty Investigation Department investigates over 5,000 cases of cruelty each year in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. Of these, an unfortunate number involve animals who, at the hands of their owners, are faced with a painful embedded collar, in which a collar or chain can become so tight that it embeds into their skin. Louisa, a 2-year-old German Shepherd/Collie mix, is one of the brave animals who recovered from this excruciating experience. 

When Louisa was found by investigators in December 2008, she was alone and in pain, chained to a tree with her collar embedded in her neck. The investigators released her from her conditions, and immediately brought her back to MHS’ Detroit Center for Animal Care for treatment.

Each year, MHS responds to over 5,000 cruelty complaints.

Over the course of five weeks, this sweet girl recuperated from her troubling experience, and began to reveal her loving personality. She soon became a favorite among staff members.

When Tim Scott of Detroit came to visit the adoption center one day in January 2009, he knew he had found a forever companion.

“When meeting her, she would come and stand on my foot so I couldn’t get away,” he recalls. “I had another rescue dog that did the same thing, so I knew she was the one.” 

Tim immediately adopted Louisa, who today lives a happy life full of toys, playtime, and frolicking with other canine companions at her behavior classes. She even gets to hang out with dad at work!

“She is fortunate in that she is able to come to work with me almost every day, where she gets to interact with others,” said Scott. “She is very much my shadow and even sleeps beneath my desk.”

With her resilient and positive spirit, this lucky girl was able to recover from her traumatic experience and find a second chance at life with a forever, loving family.

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