MHS Seeks Donations of Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Sought
MHS Seeks Donations of Plastic Easter Eggs to Help Keep Cats Entertained

Those colorful plastic Easter eggs which hold treats and toys are not only a staple of Easter celebrations, they can also help keep shelter pets healthy and happy. Why store them for a year or discard them when they can be helping pets year-round! 

The Michigan Humane Society’s environmental enrichment program uses simple items like these to help keep the animals in our care healthy.  By filling the plastic eggs with treats and kibble for the cats and kittens in our care, we give them a little workout that engages them mentally and physically; as they work open the eggs to get to the goodies inside, this activity helps to reduce stress which, in turn, helps keep them happy and healthy. 

Donations of plastic Easter eggs will be accepted year-round at the three Michigan Humane Society locations during regular adoption hours.  Thank you!


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