Affordable Microchipping for Your Pet
Michigan Humane Society's three veterinary centers currently offering affordable microchipping

Recent media reports have shared the heartwarming tale of Petie, a dog who in July became separated from his owner in Tennessee. Three months later, he was found in Rochester Hills with no collar, and was brought to the Michigan Humane Society (MHS). The story had an extra happy ending when, at MHS, he was found to have a microchip, which allowed the staff to contact Petie’s surprised owner.

Lost In Tennessee Months Ago, Petie Heads Home

Petie’s story has increased awareness about the benefits of microchipping, but we’d like to see many more pets protected by this permanent, safe and effective form of identification. If the pet’s collar and identification tags should fall off, or be taken off, a microchip could be his ticket home, like it was for Petie.

The vast majority of lost animals taken in by MHS have no I.D. Without it, the chance that a dog will be reunited with his owner is less than 20 percent. For cats, it’s less than three percent. 

To schedule an appointment for your dog or cat, contact an MHS veterinary center:

  • MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care: (313) 872-0004
  • MHS Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care: (248) 852-7424
  • MHS Berman Center for Animal Care (Westland): (734) 721-4195 

Low-Cost MHS Pet Microchipping Clinics:

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