Operation Straw Drop

MHS Winter Straw Drop
MHS is preparing pet owners and pets for the cold winter months ahead

They are left outside, cold and alone, chained to trees or poles on rusted links of metal. They have no protection from the frigid winds, no shelter from the chilling temperatures, nothing to shield them from the falling snow. It is a terrible and lonely existence, and it is a sad reality for far too many pets here in the metro Detroit area.

Hundreds of dogs kept outside as pets in the Metro Detroit area are currently without adequate shelter that would help them survive the winter. Unfortunately, it's not illegal to keep pets outside. However, these pets must be provided with food, water and shelter, and your donation today can make sure that’s the case.

You can be the difference for these animals who desperately need help now. Please donate today.

Not all pet owners are aware of the dangers and others lack the resources to properly care for their pets. All too often, blankets, which absorb moisture and freeze, are used instead of straw, which the dogs can burrow into for safety, warmth and comfort in their doghouses. Empty or frozen water bowls are a common sight and are discussed with owners. Dogs with steel chains around their necks get a new collar. Animals in poor health due to abuse or neglect are removed and found new homes.

We need your help today so that we can check on, and continue to check on, dogs kept outside.

Your donation can help supply:

  • doghouses for animals without any shelter
  • water bowls that won't tip over
  • food for hungry animals
  • new dog collars to replace ropes and chains
  • straw to insulate doghouses

This is called the “Straw Drop,” and every winter, it happens in hundreds of locations all over the area. It’s all part of MHS’ commitment to the community we serve, and just one of the many ways we’re working to help those pets who are victims of negligence, cruelty and abandonment. But we can’t do this without you.

Help save a life today. Please give.

Save a dog from the cold today!

Your tax-deductible donation will go immediately to work helping cold and hungry dogs left outside.

For the animals,

Debby MacDonald
Chief Cruelty Investigator
Michigan Humane Society

Dogs left out in the cold
need your help now!

Donate Today!

Your tax-deductible donation
will go immediately to work
helping cold and hungry
dogs left outside.

Help us help them

Help us help them

MHS Straw Drop

MHS Straw Drop

MHS Straw Drop

MHS Straw Drop


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