Michigan Humane Society Adoptee Lucy Named 'Best In Show' During The View's 4th Annual 'Mutt Show'

Lucy, named “Best in Show” in The View’s 4th annual Mutt Show!

Michigan Humane Society Adoptee Lucy Named ‘Best In Show’ During The View’s 4th Annual ‘Mutt Show’
Lucy, adopted from MHS Rochester Hills, chosen from thousands nationwide as top dog!

NEW YORK – After a whirlwind trip to New York, the votes are in and Lucy, a three-year-old terrier/irish wolfhound mix, has been named “Best in Show” in The View’s 4th annual Mutt Show!

Chosen from thousands of online entrants, Lucy was adopted two years ago by Beverly Larsen of Highland, MI, from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care.

“All of us here at the Michigan Humane Society are just so proud of Lucy!” said Michael Robbins, MHS Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

“We want to congratulate Beverly for choosing adoption, and for bringing this trophy home to Michigan!”

Lucy was named “Best in Show” on the Friday, Feb. 17 episode of The View.

She’ll bring back home to Michigan a year’s supply of dog food and assorted other doggy goodies.

The Mutt Show is The View’s answer to the Westminster Dog Show.

Focusing on shelter dogs and so-called mutts, the program featured Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show commentator David Frei taking the top five dogs selected from thousands of online entries through the paces as they competed to be named “Best in Show.”

To meet animals who may one day become your own furry star, visit www.michiganhumane.org/Adopt.



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