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You don’t normally look twice at a sewer

You don’t normally look twice at a sewer. You walk past, maybe hold your nose a bit, and go about your day. Which is why when MHS rescue driver Chris looked down into an open sewer and saw a mangy, emaciated dog staring back at him, he couldn’t quite believe it.

Leo at the bottom of a wellYet there he was – a brown dog, clinging to life amidst the waste and the garbage.

A neighbor was walking her dog when she heard faint yelps coming from an alley behind a nearby house. When she investigated, she saw a sewer missing a manhole cover, with a small brown dog at the bottom, struggling frantically to get out. She called MHS, and within minutes, MHS Rescue was on the scene.

But as we lifted the emaciated dog out of the sewer, it became clear just how poor his condition was. His fur was filthy and covered in mange. Each rib was visible to the naked eye, and he was too weak to stand up properly.

Leo eatingAt roughly nine months old, he was just 11 pounds. But when we brought him back to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care, he was certainly strong enough to almost inhale the bowl of food we gave him. We took to calling him Leo, short for Leonardo, and the name stuck.

We’re not entirely sure of Leo’s breed. Maybe Shepherd, mixed with Labrador, mixed with Pit Bull, mixed with something else that gives him those ridiculously floppy ears.  Whatever it is, we’re happy to have him with us, away from the dirty sewer filled with trash.

He’s certainly happy to be out of it, thanking our veterinarians with lots of puppy kisses!

Thanks for helping Leo!However, Leo’s condition is still touch and go. With cases like this, often, serious issues can pop up long after a dog is removed from the dangerous situation. Leo is very emaciated and weak, and with a weakened immune system, he is much more at risk from diseases like parvovirus or a serious infection.

It’s also too soon to say whether his extended emaciation damaged his internal organs. He is much smaller than a dog his age should be. But we know he’s a fighter, and we’re going to give him the best possible care we can to help him come back from this terrible situation. You can help.

Your support will help Leo and other pets like him have a fighting chance. You can be the difference for these animals in desperate need.

Your support is needed right now. Please give today.

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