Box of Puppies Found by MHS Rescue

Box of Puppies Found by MHS Rescue
They were dirty, smelly, and they desperately wanted to lick my face


Think about the best present you ever received. You can remember it, right? Tearing off the wrapping paper and opening the box to see what’s inside? It’s a memory you’ll always have with you.

Well, for me, finding a “present” on a cold December day in Detroit is something I’ll never forget.

After responding to an unrelated call one morning, I came back to the rescue van to find that someone had left a cardboard box by the driver’s side door. Inside the box were three cold, rambunctious puppies.

They were dirty, smelly, and they desperately wanted to lick my face.

Chances are that someone saw the MHS rescue van and decided to leave the puppies for us to take.

Because of your support, I was there that day. Imagine where those puppies might be or what might have happened to them if I had not been out and visible in the community.

Temperatures that night were expected to be in the 20s, and if the previous owners of these pups had decided to abandon them outside, they very quickly would have frozen to death.

After taking them back to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care, they were examined by MHS veterinarians, bathed and fed. I gave them the names Ebenezer, Tiny Tina and Charlotte Dickens.

Right now, they’re being fostered, and we’re hopeful that we can put them up for adoption soon, so they can spend their holidays in a loving home.

These three puppies are just a small fraction of the tens of thousands of animals brought to the Michigan Humane Society every single year.

From 2-month-old shepherd puppies to 12-year-old Weimaraners, our doors are open to all. And to keep those doors open, we need your help now more than ever.

The need has never been greater.

Your gift can help keep a homeless animal warm and fed this winter, provide vaccinations to protect pets from deadly diseases, and keep our Cruelty Investigation and Rescue teams out on the streets.

You are what makes these life-saving rescues possible.

Without you, there would be no Michigan Humane Society. There would be nowhere for these animals to turn. And Ebenezer, Tiny Tina and Charlotte Dickens would still be out in the cold, waiting for a miracle to come.

You can be a hero for them this holiday. Please give today.

For the animals,

Chris Ouwerkerk
MHS Rescue Driver



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