Senate Bills 117, 118: Puppy Protection Act

Senate Bills 117, 118
Puppy Protection Act
Bill Would Regulate Large-Scale Breeders, Crack Down on Puppy Mills


Last session, despite a bipartisan coalition of support, the Puppy Protection Act did not get out of the Senate Agriculture Committee. These bills have been reintroduced once again in the new legislative session.

Currently, Michigan has no regulations in place on large-scale breeders – making us one of the few states who lack any such regulations. Because of this, irresponsible breeders produce thousands of puppies for sale in pet stores or on the Internet ever year. Dogs usually live in breeding facilities for years, producing litter after litter, with little to no regulation or oversight. Sadly, countless animals have suffered tremendously in these “puppy mills.”

The Puppy Protection Act will ensure that these animals are treated humanely, crack down on irresponsible breeders, and prevent puppy mills – mass breeders who keep animals in deplorable, unimaginable conditions – from setting up shop here in Michigan. It would regulate large-scale breeders to ensure that animals in their care receive proper treatment, including adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care, while also capping the size of these facilities. Over the past few years, MHS has worked with a variety of stakeholders and interested parties, including veterinarians, dog breeders, dog clubs, animal shelters and animal advocates in order to develop common-sense guidelines that protect these animals. The Puppy Protection Act is the result of these years of work and has received bipartisan support.



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