Olive's Rescue

Olive's Rescue
Abandoned dog found with plastic jar stuck on her head

You can imagine the panic and desperation that Olive, a 3-year-old Chow mix, must have felt with a plastic jar stuck on her head as she lay in an abandoned Detroit home.

There is no telling how long she had been like that, barely able to breathe and unable to eat or drink. One thing that’s clear is that if someone hadn’t called the MHS Rescue Hotline, this sweet pup would have perished.

Already in a state of panic, it is understandable that she initially ran and hid from her rescuer. Thankfully, after some patience and reassurance, Olive was able to be safely removed from the house.

Once outside, the MHS rescue driver could hear the frightened dog  gasping for air inside the jar. He was able to cut some holes in the plastic so she could breathe during the short ride to the shelter, where she could receive much-needed medical care and TLC.

You’re not going to believe the look of relief on Olive’s face after the jar came sliding off of her head. It is a look and feeling that was shared by everyone at the shelter that day. She was finally free to eat, drink and breathe.

Unfortunately, her troubles weren’t over yet. You would think that she had been through enough, but through testing by the MHS veterinary team, it was found that Olive had Heartworm disease - a potentially deadly ailment that is not only expensive to treat, but also very hard on the body.

Olive proved to be strong, and after months of treatment and specialized care, she pulled through.

Now, she is looking for her forever home at the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care.

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