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Unlikely Friends

Unlikely Friends
MHS rescues dog and cat cuddled together in the rain

Michigan weather is not kind to the homeless animals living outside on the streets.

Many animals will resort to desperate measures to keep warm, including, in Camarin and Tomas’s case, forming an unlikely friendship.

The MHS rescue team was called about a puppy left out in the rain near an abandoned house. When a rescue driver arrived, the puppy was curled up between two garbage cans.

When she ran out to greet the rescue driver, he heard loud meows coming from the puppy’s hiding place. When he investigated, he found a small, black kitten.

The two had been snuggled together, trying to share warmth and get a break from the biting wind and rain. Who says cats and dogs cannot be friends?

Brought back to the Detroit Center for Animal Care, they continued to show affection toward each other as they were given vaccinations, dewormer, food, water and a warm, soft blanket.

Now Camarin, the puppy, and Tomas, the kitten, are out of the cold and looking for their forever homes!

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