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Meow-velous little guy!

Meet Bruiser! Bruiser is an independent kitty who may occasionally hiss. Bruiser isn’t fond of being handled which makes him a purrfect candidate for our Hard Working Cat Program.


The hard working cat program employs felines that are either feral, have a history of living successfully outside, or are simply ill-suited to being house cats.


At MHS Bruiser has been: spayed, brought up-to-date on vaccinations, tested (and is negative for) feline leukemia, microchipped, de-wormed, de-fleaed, AND gone through a medical/temperament assessment!


Are you looking for a friendly store cat to keep you and your customers company? Do you operate a barn, warehouse, or place of business and need some extra assistance with pest control? Bruiser’s resume is very promising. She guarantees to help control pests and deter other feral/wild animals from taking up residence on your property! All she requires in return is your promise to provide fresh food and water daily, 24/7 access to shelter from the elements (a barn, warehouse, shed, loft, etc) and vaccinations/vet care as needed! There are many ways that these hard working cats can make a positive change to your environment so why not hire (adopt) one now?!


You can meet and adopt our hard working cats Monday through Saturday at our Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care, 3600 W. Auburn Rd.


For more information about our Bruiser, you can either visit or call 866-648-6263 with animal ID 841447 in hand. All of our hard working cats have a terrific work ethic and are ready to show off their skills. Watch them go from new hire to employee of the month in no time. Even better, their adoption fee is just $20!




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