Cats and Holiday Decorations

As you “Deck the Halls” this year, keep your kitty’s safety in mind.  Tinsel, ornaments, ornament hooks, tree lights/wires and even the holiday tree itself can present potential hazards for curious felines.  To prevent your cat from approaching the tree, try placing “strange” surfaces around the tree.  Things like aluminum foil, bath tub mats (suction cup side up), bubble wrap and double stick tape can all be uncomfortable surfaces for cats to walk on.  Placing items like this around the tree can help prevent kitty from approaching the tree and getting into trouble.  Make note too, that if your cat has a “launching” pad a place he jumps from to land on the tree be sure to place a bath tub mat, etc. on that surface as well.  If he has no place to launch, he can’t get at the tree.  Be very watchful this time of year can be quite hazardous for cats.

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