Prevent Bad Behavior

Cats (and dogs!) who are allowed to misbehave are actually practicing and perfecting their “misbehaving skills.”  And, while some people focus on what to do AFTER the animal gets into trouble for many of our companions punishment after the fact is a waste of time.  After all, for us to be able to punish, our cat has to have already gotten into trouble, right?  Wouldn’t we all be happier if the cat just didn’t get into trouble at all? 

The best way to set our felines up for success is to identify and remove the things that might be a bit too tempting.  Tie cords for curtains and blinds up out of kitty’s reach.  Make sure rubber bands and ribbon, balloons and small pieces of string are put safely away.  Place plants out of the kitty’s “zone” and make sure all small objects are in an area the kitty can’t get to. 

Remember, cats are intelligent and resourceful some can open drawers and cabinet doors.  Be sure potentially harmful items are secured behind doors with latches or in secured locations. 


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