Introducing a Second Cat

If you share your life with a social, “I love other cats” type of kitty you may be considering the addition of another feline to your home. 

To help two kitties adjust to each other, take your time and try the following tips. 

Give each kitty his or her own room for a bit.  Make sure they’ve both got food, water and their own litter boxes set up in their own rooms.  It helps if the rooms are adjacent so that the kitties can smell each other under the door.  Put their food on either side of the door so they associate the pleasure of eating with the presence of each other. 

You can also put a feather under the door.  Cats will play with the feather (and each other!) under the door.  If all goes well, after about a week, you can try presenting the feather with the door open.  They may be so focused on the feather that they’ll begin playing together before they realize what they’re doing! 

If you see signs that they are uncomfortable with each other, close the door and give them a few more days of playing under the door.  Try again.


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