Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Coming when called is the first thing many of us teach our dogs. Why? Because we want to keep our dogs safe they need to come to us when we call them.  Cats are really no different and it is easy to teach to them come when called.  Many of your cats already come when “called” that is…they come the second they hear that can opener!  All you have to do is say the cat’s name and the word “come” and THEN run the can opener.  When the cat comes to you give her a tasty snack.  Repeat this process a number of times so that the cat is consistently coming when you call.  Then, call your cat but don’t run the can opener.  The cat should still come.  If she does, give her a very special treat.  Practice as often as you can in all different rooms of your house.  Always reward your kitty for coming when called with a super great treat.  Now you can stop your cat from jumping on the bookcase by calling her to you instead and should she ever accidentally get outside, you’ll have an easier time getting her back by calling her to you.  And remember, reward her every time you call her regardless of the reason you need her to come.

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