Understanding Your Cat's Behavior

Why cats go to people who ignore them
Do you ever notice how your cat will gravitate to the one person who doesn’t seem to like cats? Well, there’s a reason for that. Your cat may feel threatened by people who stare or who go out of their way to give attention.

Someone who isn’t a "cat person" will generally not stare and your cat will view this person as the least threatening and will be attracted to him or her. Another theory is that your cat may sense when he or she is rejected and will do whatever it takes to be accepted. So, the more someone avoids your cat, the more your cat may insist on putting his or her scent on that person to try to win affection.

Why cats play hockey with their litter waste
Have you ever come home to find a piece of fecal matter lying in the center of the floor, nowhere near your cat’s litter box? Most likely your cat has taken his fecal matter out of his litter box and batted it around on the floor for fun. This nasty habit has been termed "poop hockey." This generally means that your cat is either bored or you need to clean out the litter box! You may want to buy a deeper litter box with a lid on it to divert your cat from performing this embarrassing game. You can also try substituting a ping-pong ball for this unsightly "puck" or a balled up piece of aluminum foil.

Why cats lick your skin and hair
Have you ever been awakened by your cat licking your face or hair? The reason for this can be due to the fact that your moisturizer or cosmetics may contain ingredients that come from other animals. Products such as lanolin, beeswax, gelatin and collagen all originate in animals. It isn’t harmful to have your cat ingest these products; however it may annoy you, so you may want to switch to a product that doesn’t contain these ingredients. Almost every health food store has vegan cosmetics and moisturizers which contain no animal ingredients.

Why cats "knead"
"Kneading" is the term used to describe cats pushing and pulling their paws in and out on a soft surface. You may see your cat perform this act on a pillow or maybe even on your stomach (that is, if you don’t have a washboard stomach!). This reflexive action dates back to when your cat was a kitten, snuggled up to her mother, kneading as she suckled her milk. A cat who kneads is expressing the very epitome of pleasure. We can only suppose that a cat who kneads is regressing to a state of early kittenhood.


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