Kindness Counts

No matter what type of companion animal you share you life with the same rule applies: “kindness counts.”  And “kindness” can be defined in many different ways.  For example, having an animal that is well-trained (using compassionate methods) is very kind. 

Training can teach your animal self-confidence, help your pet to be calmer and can also improve your bond with your companion.  Another example of kindness is to always remember that your pet regardless of his or her species is NOT a furry human.  Their value systems are not the same as ours and their “logic” is much different from our own. 

Animals don’t misbehave to get back at us out of spite and punishing them for doing so is terribly confusing to the animal.   The more time you take to learn how your particular pet feels and learns is undoubtedly the kindest thing you can do.


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