Spring “Candy”

Something all dog guardians know, but very few actually discuss in public, is a dog’s desire to eat the “droppings” of other animals especially deer, rabbit, goose and cat…poop. 

Many “cures” have been tried, but none have proven completely successful.  And it is important to discourage your dog from eating feces, as they can transmit disease (to say the least). 

If your dog is only slightly interested in eating such things, you may find that a positive reinforcement training class will do the trick.  Such classes teach a dog to focus on you, listen, and “leave it.”  If your dog is very focused on the “items” a bit more control may be needed. 

Sometimes a loud noise (like from an air horn, etc.) may do the trick to discourage your dog.  In the end, if your dog is just too tempted, you may need to keep him on a leash and control where he walks in an effort to stop his “inappropriate snacking.”


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