Playtime for Kitty

On of the great things about cats is that they are easy to amuse.  So much so in fact that oftentimes purchased toys go unused and the "boxes" get played with instead. 

If your kitty enjoys playing with household items - lucky you!  Just be sure to watch out for the following in an effort to keep your cat's playtime safe. Avoid things with little bits and pieces that can come off and be swallowed or pieces that can get caught on a claw.  Also avoid things that can accidentally "trap" your cat inside, like a brown paper bag with handles. 

Your best judge of a safe cat toy is your cat.  Know your cat's playing style - is he a pouncer, a batter or an eater?  Select the toy that best matches your cat's style.  Always supervise your cat when playing and don't forget; even if a toy is "store bought" take time to inspect it before handing it over to your kitty.

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