Cats and Kids

Bringing a new cat home can be very exciting - especially if there are children around.  It's important to do initial introductions between cat and kids carefully to ensure that the cat isn't afraid of the kids and the kids aren't afraid of the cat.  First and foremost, always have an adult supervise the interactions.  When you're ready to get started, have the children seated.  Then, an adult can place the cat on the floor in the room with the children.  Allow the cat to investigate at her own pace.  Once she is comfortable, the adult can instruct the children on the proper way to stroke the cat, and remind them not to pull the tail, ears, feet or fur and not to hug the cat too tightly.  The adult can then place the cat on each child's lap, always allowing the cat a way to "escape" if the children become too overwhelming.  It is best to take initial introductions slowly and at the cat's pace.  Going slowly at first will help ensure a long-term friendship between the cat and the kids!

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