Teach your dog or cat to use a designated “bathroom area”

Teaching your dog or cat to use a designated “bathroom area” is actually pretty easy.   Simply take your dog (or cat) to the area you’d like them use as their bathroom and when they potty there, reward them with a very tasty treat.  The greater and more enjoyable the reward the more likely it is your companion animal will repeat the behavior.  We want them to think, “wow, GREAT things happen to me when I potty here, I’m gonna ‘go’ here again (and again and again).” 

Another key to success is the location of your selected bathroom area.  If your cat’s litter box is near a noisy appliance or if the spot in your yard you’ve selected for your dog’s bathroom often has children playing loudly nearby, you may want to select a quieter area.  Creating a stress-free environment will help to encourage excellent potty habits.

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