Is an older or younger pet the right fit for you and your family?

When the time comes to pick that “ideal” companion for your family one question always comes up: Should you adopt a puppy or kitten or should you adopt an older pet…maybe one over a year old or so? 

The answer is different for every family.  Yes, young animals are cute - adorable in fact.  Young animals also have to be housetrained, need to learn to sleep through the night, and have to be taught not to chew your shoes and furniture.  Young animals also grow into active teenage animals who need training and patience. 

Older pets often don’t need to be supervised as closely as young ones, but they still require some training - it’s just a different kind of training.  So the answer depends on you.  Companion animals of all ages can make GREAT pets.  You just need to decide what type of training you’d like to do.  For dog people, many dog training organizations offer classes for specific doggy age groups.  For cat folks (and dog folks too), there is behavior help available via the Michigan Humane Society Behavior Help Line: 248-650-0127.

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