Training Puppies and Kittens

Adopting a new puppy or kitten can be a very rewarding experience.  Giving an unwanted pup or kitty a home can make anyone feel good.  And “babies” are so adorable.  So adorable, in fact, that they are sometimes allowed to get away with behaviors that may not be so adorable when they’re full grown. 

Remember when playing with your new pup or kitty, even though they’re young and cute, the rules of nice play should always be enforced.  If they play too rough, play is over.  People should not wiggle their fingers and toes in front of puppies and kittens as play toys.  Hands and feet are not toys.  Always have an appropriate puppy or kitten toy on hand to encourage proper play with toys.  Sticking to the rules during “baby” hood will help the rest of your “baby’s” development go much more smoothly.


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