Coming when called

Especially during the holiday season, it is important to have a good recall for your dog (or cat!).  When family visits, doors and gates can be accidentally left open.  Holiday gifts and decorations are tempting to tear and chew.  And remember the last time Aunt Millie visited?  She’s not crazy about having Fred the Furball nestled on her lap.  Being able to call your pet to you is a great way to help keep the peace. The best way to get your pet to come when you call him is to always "pay" him for his efforts.  Call him out from under the holiday tree, give him a tasty snack, and a thrilling, appropriate play toy.  You simply want to say: “Oops! Don’t do that, come here - very good - and do this instead. It’s much more fun!”  Your holidays, your pet (and your Aunt Millie) will all be much happier.


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