Who's your right dog?

MHS Color Codes
Helping You Find Your RIGHT DOG

We have designed the following Color Codes with our adopters in mind, to assist you in finding the RIGHT DOG for your family, home and lifestyle! Each of our adoptable dogs and puppies is assigned a color and corresponding description.

Review the five color codes below. Which color description is the best match for you? Then, look for dogs or puppies with that color on their kennel card.

Dogs in the GREEN category tend to be easygoing. They usually have some experience under their coats and can easily adapt to your basic house rules. Very often, green dogs are the RIGHT DOG for first time dog people.
Dogs in the YELLOW category may have a bit of learning to do, but usually adapt pretty easily. They are often willing to learn, and can benefit from your guidance. Yellow dogs can be the RIGHT DOG for families with just the right amount of training time.
Dogs in the ORANGE category have just the right amount of challenge built in. They’re not too complicated, but may question you from time to time. Consistent house rules will help them become your RIGHT DOG!
Dogs in the BLUE category will need some help adjusting to a new environment. New “house rules” will be a challenge, but they’ll get it. With some TLC and proper guidance, blue dogs can become your RIGHT DOG!
Dogs in the PURPLE category require some extra time, patience and attention. They may need additional training time, or may have a manageable medical concern. Purple dogs can be the RIGHT DOG for those with a bit of extra patience and experience.

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Who's your right dog?
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