MichigAnimals 2011 Spring Edition

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Wags and Purrs: Spring, 2011

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MHS In-home Heroes

Fostering tomorrow's best friends

A New Promise for Treatable Animals

The path to the future

Peter Karmanos, Jr. and Compuware Corporation

Leading by example toward a better community for animals


Thoughts From The President & CEO

Asilomar Accords

A national standard that defines the adoptability of the animals

ASK THE VET: Lawn & Garden Dangers?

Q. Now that spring is here, I can't wait to begin gardening and greening my lawn. Could you give me tips to keep my dogs, cat and rabbit safe from potential dangers in the yard?

PET PEEVES: Cats Who Won't Stop Spraying

Q. My 7-year-old cat, Will, is an absolute sweetheart except when he sprays urine in the house. I adopted him and his sister when they were 6 months old, and they were sterilized. Will started spraying at age 3, after we moved. We've tried everything, and he won't stop. Our family loves him dearly, but I'm at my wit's end.


The Detroit Tigers' Brandon Inge is known for his skills on the field and his community support

MichigAnimals Pet Photos: Spring 2011

Photos of Michigan's Most Adorable Pets, Sent in by Our Readers

A Lifelong Love of Animals Comes Full Circle For Michigan Humane Society and Thomas A. Mackey

Longtime Metro Detroit Resident and MHS Supporter Donates $1M for the new MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care

Overlooked PetsThe New Detroit Animal Care CampusMarch for AnimalsGet 10% off your next purchase at shopmichiganhumane.org


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