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Chef Meow-io Batali's Michigan Recipes
Welcome to Purr Michigan, where the promise of a daily bowl of kibble opens up a lifetime of possibilities.

Relax, and enjoy the promise of Purr Michigan, where every day seems like a vacation. Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

Featured Recipe

Savory Chicken Braised in GravySavory Chicken Braised in Gravy

  • 1 can Purina ONE Smart Blend Cat Food
  • Catnip

Open can. Put on floor. Garnish with catnip. Watch cat look plaintively at you and refuse to eat until you pour a bowl of kibble.

Featured Recipe

White Meat Chicken with Whole OatsWhite Meat Chicken with Whole Oats

  • 1 bowl Purina ONE BeyOnd Cat Food
  • Catnip

Open bag. Place scoop in bag. Retrieve scoop and place kibble in bowl. Place bowl on floor. Garnish with catnip. Watch cat look plaintively at you and refuse to eat until you open a can of wet food.

DISCLAIMER – These are not real recipes. Do not try them at home. Mice are friends, not food. Only feed your cat wet or dry food that is safe for them. Do not overfeed your cats – there are already too many obese kitties out there. Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise, while we’re on the subject.

Also, microchipping is never a bad idea. Yeah, a disclaimer is probably not the best place for that bit of advice, but some of you like reading the fine print. Are you still reading this? Why haven’t you played with your kitty yet? Don’t have one? Why not adopt one right now? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Still here? Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Featured Adoption Centers

MHS Rochester Hills Adoption Center
Rochester Hills

MHS Berman Center for Animal Care

MHS Detroit Adoption Center
Sterling Heights


Dearborn (Off-site at PetSmart)


Rochester Hills

Roseville (Off-site at PetSmart)

Sterling Heights (Off-site at Petco)




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