Adopt a pet

Adopt a Pet
Looking for a pet?  The Michigan Humane Society has hundreds of dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, birds and other small animals available for adoption.

Somebody Here Needs You. View adoptable animals by type or location:

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Adoptable Pets by Location
> Dearborn (Off-site at PetSmart)
> Detroit
> Rochester Hills
> Roseville (Off-site at PetSmart)
> Sterling Heights (Off-site at Petco)
> Taylor (Off-site at PetSmart)> Westland

Pet Adoption Resources
MHS Dog & Cat Adoption Coupon

$10 Off Adoption Coupon
Register with MHS online
and you'll receive a coupon for $10 OFF your next dog, puppy or kitten adoption from MHS. >>>

Overlooked Pets

Overlooked Pets
Pets who have been up for adoption for some time need your help to get them home! >>>

MHS Adoption Events MHS Adoption Events
Meet your new best friend
at an MHS adoption event near you. >>>
MHS Off-site Cat Adoptions at PetSmart

Off-site Cat Adoptions 
Meet MHS cats seven
days a week at these metro Detroit PetSmart and Petco locations. >>>

Certified, Pre-owned Cats from the Michigan Humane Society

Certified Pre-Owned Cats Available for adoption, these purrrfect felines are guaranteed to be better than new. >>>

MHS Adoptable Rabbits

SomeBunny to Love?
Meet adoptable rabbits and learn about proper care for bunnies at these unique events. >>> 

Certified Pre-owned Cats t-shirt

CPO Cats T-shirt:
only $14.95

Get yours today!

Pet Adoption Events
> Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo
> MHS Pet Adoption Events
> MHS Rabbit Adoption Events
> Cat Adoptions at PetSmart

More Pet Adoption
> Detroit Mini-Lions
> Detroit Mini-Tigers
Overlooked Pets
Certified Pre-Owned Cats 
> Purr Michigan

About Pet Adoption
> Adoption Coupon
> Adopting Your New Best Friend
> Adoption Fees
> Adoption Process
> Adoption Forms
> Alumni Club  
> Happy Adoption 'Tails' 
> Pets for Patriots
> Special Needs Animals
Thinking About a 2nd dog?
> Why Adopt? 

New Pet Resources
> Pet Microchips
> Pet Supplies
> Announce Your New Pet

MHS Adoption Videos
Perfect Match at MHS!

Watch MHS Videos

Adopt a Pet from MHS!

Thinking about adopting? Articles for Potential Adopters 

Changing a Pet's Name
What if you've found the perfect pet and love everything about him... except his name?

Fonzie Had Heartworm
Abandoned dog rescued and goes through heartworm treatment

AARP Adoption Discount
AARP members receive discounted adoption fees

Exquisite Estelle
After extensive medical care, senior Pomeranian looking for new home

Shenzi's Rescue
Beautiful blue eyed pup rescued from the streets of Detroit

Benny's Rescue
Friendly terrier mix with hair loss gets second chance thanks to MHS

Tripod Trixie
Sweet Yorkie looking for a home after going through amputation surgery

Jackson's Tale
Cat found in Detroit with tail encased in ice

Puppies Rescued
MHS rescues abandoned puppies left to freeze on the side of the road

Hunter the Hero
Puppy adopted from MHS alerted family to a gas leak coming from their stove

A Pawsitive Start
'Is it better to look good or to feel good?'

MHS Partners With Pets for Patriots to Support Our Troops & Veterans
Program will include discounted adoption fees and veterinary care

Introducing a Second Cat
Adding another feline to your home?

Is a Kitten Right for You?
Cats vs. kittens

Bringing Home a New Cat
Introducing a new cat to your home

Adopting Your New Best Friend
Everything You Need to Know

Pet Microchipping
Your Lost Pet's Ticket Home

Adjustment Assistance with a New Pet
Bringing a new companion animal home is an exciting time.

Pocket Pets
If you're thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, you might want to consider a "pocket pet." Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and ferrets are some of the most popular pets.

Consider adding a feline to your family.
For a long time people believed that cats were great pets for people who weren't home that much. And while it is true that cats don't need to be let outside like dogs do cats are actually very social animals.

$10 OFF your next dog, puppy, or kitten adoption from MHS
Who's your right dog?
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