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Help put an end to puppy mills

No love, no hope no families to call their own.  While puppy mills are not new, dogs continue to suffer as the majority of the public remains unaware of their existence.

Unfortunately, the suffering of dogs and puppies in puppy mills is not a new problem.  These mass breeding facilities have been around for many years and they continue to prosper due to lack of consumer awareness, loopholes in law and enforcement, and the dated but famed pet store music line of “how much is that doggy in the window?”

But there is a dark reality behind the friendly facade of those pet stores that still choose to sell puppies - up to 99% of those stores acquire puppies from puppy mills!  And while the conditions of these mass breeding facilities vary greatly, the sterile lives lived by thousands of dogs who are repeatedly bred for profit is tragic and unjust. 

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Dogs designated for “breeding stock” within puppy mills are literally sentenced to a life behind bars  - as fulltime hostages in tiny metal cages - constantly pregnant or nursing, and alone, these dogs have no love, no hope and no families to call their own.  Their chances for receiving a treat, toy, or any form of meaningful interaction with a humans who love them is slim to none.  And after their “productivity” declines, they are simply disposed of by being killed or sold at auction.  And for the hundreds of thousands of puppies who are born in puppy mills and shipped to pet stores, significant behavior and health problems are extremely common, resulting in expensive care and training bills for their families, who are often left unaware of their new pet's background.   

In addition, beware of websites that sell puppies, as they too often acquire their puppies from puppy mills.

But not all dog breeders subject their animals to the conditions of a puppy mill. Ethical, responsible breeders never sell their puppies to pet stores. Instead, they place their animals personally and individually, and breed to preserve and improve their chosen breed, while providing their female dogs with high quality lives and human attention.

Bottom line: When pets are sold for profit and finacial gain becomes the primary motivation, the animal's' health becomes secondary.  All animals deserve appropriate housing, sufficient room to turn and stretch freely, adequate food and water, regular exercise, adequate veterinary care, and adequate rest between breeding cycles. And of course, love.

But with your help, the Michigan Humane Society is going to make a difference:

  1. Register.  Receive e-mail communication from MHS to stay updated on the progress of MHS’ Protect Our Puppies campaign.  Joining the MHS “e-family” is critical to the campaign’s success.  
  2. Donate now.  It is only through your support that MHS can make a difference for animals statewide.  MHS receives no government funding, is not a United Way Agency and is not affiliated with any national humane organizations. Donations given to MHS stay in Michigan, and benefit Michigan animals.
  3. Share this message and help spread the awareness.
  4. Support pet supply retailers who do not sell dogs, and therefore do not buy from puppy mills; such as PetSmart, PETCO and Pet Supplies Plus.
  5. Take the MHS Protect Our Puppies Pledge.

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Read: Open Letter to Dog Breeders and Purebred Dog Fanciers in Michigan