Ask the Vet

Ask the Vet
Veterinary Questions Answered by the Veterinarians at the Michigan Humane Society

Protect-A-Pet Clinics

Low-cost vaccination clinics to help those most in need

ASK THE VET: Fleas and Ticks

Q. I have read that fleas and ticks can pose serious dangers to my pets. What are the latest recommendations to protect my dog and cat?

ASK THE VET: Heartworm

Q. What are the latest recommendations for preventing heartworm disease in my dog and cat?

ASK THE VET: New Pet Basics

Q. I just adopted a beautiful 3-year-old Siamese mix kitty named Sabrina from the Michigan Humane Society. I grew up with pets, but this is my first pet on my own. What are the basics to help keep her healthy?

ASK THE VET: Dogs that Bolt

Q. My dog Sparty always tries to bolt out the back gate. He is a Siberian husky mix and is neutered, but still loves to roam. Once, he even sprang over the privacy fence after a cat, right before my eyes. His collar was off temporarily, but fortunately, a neighbor was walking her dog, and Sparty came right over. Aside from keeping Sparty on a leash, how can I protect him from getting lost forever?

ASK THE VET: Lawn & Garden Dangers?

Q. Now that spring is here, I can't wait to begin gardening and greening my lawn. Could you give me tips to keep my dogs, cat and rabbit safe from potential dangers in the yard?

ASK THE VET: Veterinary Basics

Q. I recently visited the Michigan Humane Society and became a first-time adopter, having fallen for Charlie, an 8-month-old yellow Labrador retriever. Since I'm new to pet caretaking and anxious to begin a relationship with a veterinarian, what are the basics I should know to help keep Charlie healthy, so we can enjoy many years together?

ASK THE VET: Can Pets Have Seasonal Allergies?

Q. This time of year, my dog starts itching like crazy until she scratches bare spots in her coat. Could she have seasonal allergies? What can I do to give her some relief?

ASK THE VET: Pet Weight Loss

Q. As he's gotten older, my beagle has packed on a few extra pounds about five actually. He's almost round, like an apple! How can I get him back to a healthy weight?

ASK THE VET: Animals, Dental Care and Heart Disease

Q: I've heard there's a direct link between a person's overall health and their dental care, including a link to heart disease. Is it the same for animals?

H1N1 Virus and Pets: Questions and Answers

FAQs About the H1N1 Virus ("Swine Flu") and Pets Both at the Shelter and at Home

ASK THE VET: How Can I Be Thrifty With My Veterinary Dollars?

How can I be thrifty with my veterinary dollars while still ensuring that my pets are getting the care they need to stay healthy?

ASK THE VET: What are the Benefits and Risks Associated With Having My Pets Microchipped?

Q: What are the benefits, costs and risks associated with having a pet microchipped?

ASK THE VET: Should I Bother Microchipping My Indoor Cat?

Q: I have an 8-year-old dog, and a 3-year-old cat who remains indoors at all times. Are they good candidates for microchips?

ASK THE VET: Do I need to use a flea and tick preventative?

Q: My dog doesn't spend much time outdoors and I don't live near woods or water. Do I still need to use a flea and tick preventative product on him?

ASK THE VET: Should a female pet have a first heat before she is spayed?

Q: We recently found a 4-month-old stray kitten. Friends have advised us to have Fergie sterilized now, but shouldn't a female pet have a first heat before she is spayed?

ASK THE VET: Is my cat putting my baby at risk?

Q: I'm expecting my first child and my doctor suggested finding a new home for my cat due to something called toxoplasmosis. Of course I want to keep my cat, but am I putting my baby at risk?

ASK THE VET: Can we keep the cat and lose the allergies?

Q: My husband tested positive for cat allergies (as well as dust and pollen) and now we're torn. Our 1- year-old cat, Jasper, whom we adopted from MHS, is truly one of the family and is my 6-year-old son's best buddy. Can we keep the cat and lose the allergies?

ASK THE VET: During cold winter months, what are some of the common risks that may present to to our pets?

During the cold winter months, what are some of the common risks that plants and other substances may present to our pets, and how can we avoid them?

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