Animal Cops: Detroit

“Animal Cops: Detroit”
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The Michigan Humane Society’s team of cruelty investigators is featured in the award-winning series “Animal Cops: Detroit” on Animal Planet.  Since the first two episodes aired in May 2002, the Michigan Humane Society has received an incredible outpouring of support for our efforts to protect animals and bring abusers to justice. The small MHS Cruelty Investigation team handles more than 5,000 cruelty complaints each year.

In response to the series, the private, nonprofit MHS also receives many inquiries regarding cruelty investigation careers and current job openings. To learn more, click here.

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A case of neglected dogs

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Animal Cops: Detroit
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Animal Cops

Each year, MHS responds to over 5,000 cruelty complaints.

Most common cruelty complaint: no shelter, food or water.

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