MichigAnimals 2009 Spring Issue

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MHS: 2014 In Review

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A Pawsitive Start

'Is it better to look good or to feel good?'

Cat Myths or Public Relations Conspiracy?

"Uncle Jasper," asked Rudy, "were we always second fiddle to dogs?" "Why, no, Rudy, actually, this is how it all began during the time of your great, great, great, great, great, great, greatgrandparents..."

CELEBRITY CHAT with Dann Florek

Millions of television fans know that actor Dann Florek is tough on crime in his role as Capt. Donald Cragen on the NBC hit series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

ASK THE VET: How Can I Be Thrifty With My Veterinary Dollars?

How can I be thrifty with my veterinary dollars while still ensuring that my pets are getting the care they need to stay healthy?

Using Your Tax Return to Change Animal Lives



Thoughts From The President & CEO

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