Michigan Humane Society News

Michigan Humane Society News

Win a Photography Session for Your Pet!

Mega March for Animals Belle Isle Most Funds Contest

Sponsor a Dog, Cat or Small Pet Habitat

Become an MHS Adoption Care Partner

MHS Pet Food Bank Program: Get Help

Providing pet food for pets of low-income households

Stowaway Kittens' Four-Day Journey on Hazardous Materials Truck Ends Happily at MHS

Bonnie and Clyde are in good health

Changing a Pet's Name

What if you've found the perfect pet and love everything about him... except his name?

MHS In-Shelter Training Program Give Dogs an Advantage

Volunteers help make canines more adoptable

His Name Is Shorty

His story will break your heart... and make you smile!


Believe you can make a difference in the lives of animals like Marley this holiday season

500+ Animals In Our Care

Dogs, cats, and other homeless pets relying on you and me

Thankful for You!

On behalf of the animals, we'd like to thank you for your support

Unlikely Friends

MHS rescues dog and cat cuddled together in the rain

Acorn's Rescue

Dog with broken jaw rescued by MHS

Stewart's Rescue

Puppy living alone near abandoned house rescued by MHS

Sullivan's Rescue

Kitten stuck under hood of car rescued by MHS

Slurpee's Recovery

Dog with wounds requires extensive surgery to heal

$2,500 REWARD.

Preliminary findings show that the dog may have been burned alive

Claudia and Company

Abandoned mother dog and puppies rescued by MHS

Roland's Rescue

Yorkie caught in a trap finds his forever home

In a Pickle

Kitten stuck in a sewer is rescued by MHS

Jelly Bean Goes Home

Lost dog finds her family thanks to MHS microchip

MHS Food Bank

Because no animal should go hungry

Disaster Planning

Taking some precautionary steps to prepare yourself and your animals for an emergency disaster situation can make all the difference

$2,500 REWARD

MHS seeking justice for puppy that was viciously killed during a robbery in Detroit

Coby Rescued

Puppy hit by car needed his leg amputated

Dante's Story

Heavily matted dog recovers at MHS

Smokey's Recovery

Kitten hit by car recovers with the help of MHS

Bethany & Company

The streets of Detroit are no place for an expectant mother

Olive's Rescue

Abandoned dog found with plastic jar stuck on her head

Shelter Pet Hospital

Your support will help sick and injured animals

Ripley Believed

Stray dog recovers from embedded collar wounds, finds forever home

Fonzie Had Heartworm

Abandoned dog rescued and goes through heartworm treatment

AARP Adoption Discount

AARP members receive discounted adoption fees

Edgar Adopted!

Abused dog discarded in garbage can finds a new, loving home

Easter Eggs Sought

MHS Seeks Donations of Plastic Easter Eggs to Help Keep Cats Entertained

Exquisite Estelle

After extensive medical care, senior Pomeranian looking for new home

Shenzi's Rescue

Beautiful blue eyed pup rescued from the streets of Detroit

Benny's Rescue

Friendly terrier mix with hair loss gets second chance thanks to MHS

Tripod Trixie

Sweet Yorkie looking for a home after going through amputation surgery

A Diamond Returned

It is frightening when a pet goes missing

Pinecone Rescued

Cat stuck in tall tree for ten cold days

Jackson's Tale

Cat found in Detroit with tail encased in ice

Puppies Rescued

MHS rescues abandoned puppies left to freeze on the side of the road

$2,500 Reward

MHS seeking justice for Maltese mix left to die in a Detroit alley

Hunter the Hero

Puppy adopted from MHS alerted family to a gas leak coming from their stove

Roxy Returned

Missing four days in Michigan's extreme temperatures

A Pawsitive Start

'Is it better to look good or to feel good?'

Wendy's - The O'Brien Family Franchise Partnering with Michigan Humane Society to Save Animal Lives.

Forty-two local Wendy's restaurants helping to raise critical funds

Sherlock Holmes

Found underneath a porch

Call Me

Blondie, an 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel is looking for a new home

Samantha's Rescue

Stray St. Bernard diagnosed with heartworm disease

Flutter's Adoption

Puppy who fell from a second floor porch adopted to new home

Miss Purrsnickitty

MHS gives injured kitten second chance

3 Abandoned Puppies

Dasher, Prancer & Santa Paws are looking for warm and loving homes for the holidays

Kimber's Rescue

MHS hoping to get a special stray dog home for the holidays

Zecora and Valentine

Two puppies rescued on the streets of Detroit are now available for adoption

Wanted: One Best Friend

Surrendered dog available for adoption after lifesaving surgery

Inseparable Cat And Dog

The pair came in together after their owner could no longer care for them

Charlie Adopted!

Dog Attacked With Machete Recovers and Finds New Home

Dawson's Rescue

Kitten trapped inside a gas station wall

Documentary Follows MMA Fighter Gordon 'Shotgun' Shell Who Fights So Dogs Don't Have To

A portion of the film's proceeds will benefit Michigan Humane Society and other organizations

MHS Partners With Pets for Patriots to Support Our Troops & Veterans

Program will include discounted adoption fees and veterinary care

Flutter's Rescue

MHS caring for puppy who fell from a second floor porch

Libby's Rescue

Someone had poured hot motor oil on her back

Boulder's Rescue

Big dog found with a heavy chain stuck in his mouth

Cold Weather and Horses

Winter in Michigan is usually cold with temperatures well below freezing for many days in a row.

Beaker's Rescue

Injured dog picked up by rescue team

Dog Rescued in Abandoned House

MHS got the call - a dog was helpless and trapped in an abandoned house

Rescued: Jax

Everyday Rescues Save Lives

Kittens Rescued from Inside a Wall

Six kittens heard meowing inside the walls of her house

$8,500 Reward For Information About Dog Allegedly Skinned Alive And Stabbed

Community demands justice for dog recovering from serious wounds

Kitten Rescued at US & Canada Border

MHS rescues kitten stuck in a plastic pipe that connected to a sewer just in time

5 Puppies Rescued from Eviction

MHS rescues 5 puppies after homeowners get evicted and no funds for care

Dorothy's Rescue: Stray Dog With Fractured Jaw

Initially, staff believed she was hit by a car

Rescued: Dog Viciously Attacked with Machete

MHS offers $2,500 reward to get justice for recovering black Labrador mix

Rescued: Molly

Dog with severely injured leg

Rescued: Cody, Dog with a Shocking Discovery

Barbeque skewer lodged in side

Logan Goes From "Rescued" to "Rescuer"

Difficult-to-place dog 'hired' for search and rescue

Lilly Bear's Rescue

Curiosity didn't kill this kitten found stuck in a metal grate

Reward Increased To $5,000 For Information About Dog Stabbed In Eye

Local business owner offering an additional $2,500 wishes to remain anonymous

Margaret's Rescue

One of the 150 dogs removed from a Missaukee County Puppy Mill on May 23

Michigan Humane Society Investigation Shows the Attack Of Farm Animals At Local School Not Done By Humans

MHS veterinarians conclude injuries consistent with dog bites

Michigan Humane Society Helps Rescue More Than 150 Dogs from Missaukee County Puppy Mill on May 23

Approximately 20 dogs will come to MHS for medical care and rehabilitation

Donate Your Used Clothing and Shoes to Generate Support for Homeless Pets

Michigan Humane Society partnering with American Textile Recycling Services to help animals in need

Rescued: Dilly, Dog with a Jar Stuck on Her Head

She was in the middle of a street in Detroit, desperately trying to free herself

Rescued: Chihuahua Recovering After Being Attacked by Dog

Shorty suffered life-threatening wounds

Rescued: Baby Chicks Being Sold as Easter Gifts

190 baby chicks dyed various colors for novelty Easter gifts were surrendered

MHS Foster Dog 'Joleen' Saves Volunteer's Life

Pug/Beagle-mix Joleen barked for help after her foster mom suffered a heart attack

Somebody Here Thanks You: Chairman Waffles and Mr. Burns

Two Special Kitties 'Go Home' Together

Fighting Animal Cruelty in Detroit

The Tough Side of Being an Animal Cop & Rescuer

Pogo and Chairman Waffles

They say two is better than one. So let me tell you about two very special pets.

Somebody Here Thanks You: Maple

From heartbreaking sights come heartwarming tales

Maple's Rescue

Dog found living in tree

Box of Puppies Found by MHS Rescue

They were dirty, smelly, and they desperately wanted to lick my face

Sugar Returns Home

Lost pup finds way back to owner

Leo's Rescue

You don't normally look twice at a sewer

MHS Cruelty Investigators Rescue 14 Neglected Horses

MHS Cruelty Hotline Tips Lead to Three Separate Animal Seizures in Detroit

Thank You for Your Donation!

On behalf of everyone at the Michigan Humane Society, we'd like to thank you for your support

MHS Rescues 10 Horses From Warehouse on Detroit's West Side

MHS partnering with multiple agencies in ongoing investigation

Somebody Here Thanks You: Chico

From heartbreaking sights come heartwarming tales

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