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Contact the Michigan Humane Society

The Michigan Humane Society operates three full service animal adoption and veterinary centers in Detroit, Rochester Hills and Westland.

MHS Adoption Centers:

MHS Veterinary Centers:
For appointments, fees, and
other inquiries please call:

  • Detroit: 313.872.0004
  • Rochester Hills: 248.852.7424
  • Westland: 734.721.4195

Administrative Office:
Michigan Humane Society
30300 Telegraph Road
Suite 220
Bingham Farms, MI  48025-4507
Phone: 248.283.1000
Fax: 248.283.5700
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Monday - Friday,
8 a.m - 5 p.m.
(Closed major holidays)

*Note regarding pet health/veterinary care email inquiries: The Michigan Humane Society regrets that we are unable to respond via email to inquiries regarding veterinary center fees or appointments. Also, for the health and safety of your pet, we are unable to provide medical information regarding your pet outside of a regular veterinary center appointment. Please consult with your pet’s veterinarian or call one of our three veterinary centers to schedule an appointment. If you have a veterinary emergency, please contact your nearest emergency clinic immediately.

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