Somebody Here Needs Your Help...

MHS Dog Bank Program
A Little Change Can Make a Big Difference

The Michigan Humane Society's dog bank has become an integral part of our fund-raising efforts on behalf of the animals.  Its success is due to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and we need your help with this growing program.

Somebody Here Needs Your Help...The program is handled entirely by our volunteers.  These volunteers assume the responsibility of finding locations in area businesses, regularly collect the monies from the canisters, and then forward a check or money order to the Michigan Humane Society for the amount collected.

To make the program work efficiently, we ask canister volunteers to adhere to the following:

  • Find a business establishment that will allow placement of one of our canisters such as a restaurant, bookstore, coffee shop, pet supplies store, etc.
  • Some of our "doggies" have taken unauthorized walks.  If at all possible, secure the canister with a piece of bright chain or colored rope and a small padlock.  Chains and padlocks are available at most hardware stores.
  • Empty the canisters once a month, more if your location does very well.  We have found it beneficial for volunteers to have a spare canister to switch with the existing canister.  You will then count the change and either deposit the money into your bank account and write a check payable to Michigan Humane Society or obtain a money order for the amount collected.  Please do not turn in coins. Once you have secured your locations, please contact Juanita Van Dyke and she will send your dog banks to the closest facility and you can get started.  Yes, it’s that easy!

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  If you have any questions regarding this important fundraising program, please contact Juanita Van Dyke at 248-283-1000 ext. 102 or

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The Michigan Humane Society is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to The Michigan Humane Society are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. MHS's tax identification number is 38-1358206. Somebody Here Needs You.

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