Handling or Harboring Wild Animals
Please resist handling or harboring wild animals

Wild animals are protected by state regulations and may only be kept by those who are licensed as rehabilitators through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).  In addition to being illegal, the keeping of wild animals by those who are untrained/unlicensed often results in the death of the animal.  Also, there are many dangers associated with handling wild animals such as rabies, distemper, parasites and mange.

'Orphaned' Baby Animals

Are They Really Abandoned?

Injured Wild Animals

Contact a DNR-licensed rehabilitator

Humane Deterrents for Wildlife

Tips on preventing human/wildlife conflicts

Give Wildlife a 'Break'

Being alert and driving more carefully can help protect both animals and people

Coyote Sightings in Michigan

Keep cats indoors

Living in Harmony with Wildlife

MHS endorses the use of proper preventive measures such as humane deterrents

Baby Bunnies in Your Backyard?

Now is the time of year when it is not uncommon to find nests of baby bunnies without their mommas

Other Wildlife Questions
For other wildlife questions, please contact the Michigan Humane Society Wildlife Department, located at the MHS Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care, at 866-648-6263. MHS Wildlfe Dept. Hours - Click here.

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