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Dilly being rescued!
Dilly being rescued!


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Dilly is very excited to have a team back in this year's Mutt March 2015!

Hi - my name is Dilly, and I was picked up off the streets of Detroit by the wonderful MHS Rescue Team.  I was very hungry and looking for food, when I ended up getting a pickle jar stuck on my head - *sigh*.  Some nice folks saw me & called in MHS rescue who responded.  I was very scared at first...I kept running from them - but fortunately they were persistent and after a few days finally caught me!  Whew, even though I was still scared, I couldn't have been more grateful to them once back at the shelter for saving me.  They had food and water and gave me lots of love every day as I healed and got better.

Finally, I was well enough to be placed up for adoption.  While waiting for my forever home, I participated in the Pawsitive Start program.  Volunteers trained me on basic thinking skills and behaviors, like to focus and wait patiently for my next cue, to go lay down on a blanket, to touch a target such as a nail file board that helped trim my nails, and my favorite... touching the Easy Button. That one is the most fun for me! 

Then, it happened - I finally found my forever home! Life couldn't be better right now - I have soft, cushy beds, lots of toys, and lots of love.  I also have a part time job now, too - I'm the Greeting Committee at my people's store in Canton - Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop (it's only part time, because I like to nap in the sun!!).  I get to say Hello to everyone that walks in the store. It's a good thing I learned all my manners back at the shelter, even though they do help remind me the rules when I get a little too excited.  But, hey... I'm loving life now, so can you blame me?? 

I do hope you'll support my efforts for my friends still at the shelter - MHS is the best! Hope to see you at the Mutt March, or sometime walking through the Grosse Pointe neighborhood, or in Canton at the store!

Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                Dilly 

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