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2017 Mutt March


Team Alex

U P D A T E     U P D A T E      U P D A T E    U P D  A T E

Let me tell you how much I  L-O-V-E YOU!!!!! Because of your generosity, Team Alex was able to raise almost $1,800 for the Michigan Humane Society at the 2016 Mutt March, held yesterday (Sunday, June 5, 2016) at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate. We had a beautiful day, with just a wee threat of rain, so lots and lots of dawgs and their humans came out for the event - and we ALL had fun!!!!

Because of you, this was my very best year EVER - and I've been marching since 2005!! Keep checking out the Michigan Humane Society website to see all the exciting, life-saving work going on,,,and for your next opportunity to help me help the animals: MEGA MARCH is coming....  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!








'Tis I, ALEX MURRAY, Master Mutt Marcher, gearing up BIG TIME for the MICHIGAN HUMANE SOCIETY's 2016 MUTT MARCH on Sunday, June 5, 2016 at the beautiful Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate, 1100 Lakeshore Dr., Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, from 8am to Noon.

This will be my 12th MUTT MARCH and I am so ready to march for all the animals that Michigan Humane Society helps every day of the year - a mission they have been on since 1877, with the need today just as great as it was back then.

I'm a happy guy - I have my forever home, I am warm and cozy in the winter, I have plenty of good doggy food, lots of fresh water and cool shade in the summer, and a family and friends who love me. So many animals in our area don't have what I have for many reasons through no fault of their own. How can I say "Thanks" for all I have and that all companion animals should have? Just one way - raising much needed funds for the Michigan Humane Society so they can continue their work of ending animal homelessness, neglect, abuse and hunger, continuing their community programs of low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics, their veterinary services for the almost 500 animals in their care on a daily basis as well as for animals lucky enough to have homes, and all the other programs and services they offer.

I can use all the help I can get raising funds and am truly appreciative for every dollar and this is where YOU come in - together WE can make a difference. Please join my team, please donate, please ask all your friends, family, co-workers to also donate.

Donations are tax-deductible. Remember, the Michgan Humane Society receives no government funding, nor are they affiliated with any national animal welfare association. Your donations keep their doors open and welcoming to all animals in need.

Every day dozens and dozens of animals come through the doors of the Michigan Humane Society, with nothing more than hope for a second chance at life. At MHS, they will get their shots, be seen by our veterinarian staff and treated for a wide variety of issues, receive plenty of good food, lots of fresh water, exercise and play time and even learning some manners, all the better to impress their potential forever families who are looking for their very best ever pet. 

The donations we collect help the Michigan Humane Society is SO many ways: emergency rescue of sick, injured, abandoned animals, offering low-cost serilization, vaccination and microchipping clinics to help families keep their pets during tough economic times, providing free food and straw for bedding during the winter. They also perform over 13,000 spay/neuter surgeries a year, adopt to responsible families over 10,000 animals a year, provide top-quality veterinarian care at their three Centers fo Animal Care, educating children by teaching them respect for animals, responsible animal care and safety around animals, offer low-cost vaccinations and many other programs.


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